Visitation Requirements

  • All visitors and their personal effects are subject to search as outlined in the Code of Virginia.
  • All items will be removed from pockets.  All individuals will pass through the walk-through metal detector.  An officer will scan you with a hand-held metal detector.
  • Each visitor must have a valid picture ID.
  • Visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Inmates may only receive a total of three (3) visits per day. The maximum time for each visit is thirty (30) minutes.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each visit to allow time to register.
  • There will be no more than three visitors (two adults and one minor) at one time.
  • Visits are thirty minutes only.
  • There is NO eating or drinking allowed in the visiting area by inmates or visitors.  There is NO sitting on the visitation tables.
  • Intoxicated visitors or visitors who appear to be under the influence will denied access into the facility and may be subject to arrest.
  • A visitor must be on the inmate’s visiting list to visit and is only permitted to visit the inmate they signed up to visit.

Dress Code

  • You are required to wear shirt and shoes at all times. 
  • All visitors (male and female) are required to wear undergarments. 
  • No pants hanging or fitting below the waistline. 
  • No mini-skirts or short shorts. 
  • No see- through or tight-fitting clothing. 
  • No clothing that exposes breasts or genitalia. 
  • No halter, tube or tank tops. 
  • No midriff-baring shirts/blouses. 
  • No coats, sweaters or other attire permitted to be worn to cover inappropriate dress. 
  • Any other clothing deemed inappropriate by Security Staff will not be permitted  

Allowable Items

  • One diaper and one bottle for infants.  If stroller is necessary, it will be searched.
  • Clothing for court, if prior approval has been received, will be accepted at the lobby desk.
  • Money orders or cashier’s checks only for deposit to an inmate’s account.
  • Vehicle keys and identification.

Non-Allowable Items

Visitors must limit items brought into the jail.  The following items are not permitted in any part of the jail and should be left in your vehicle.

  • No cigarettes or tobacco products of any kind, no lighter and/or matches.
  • No items considered to be a weapon such as knives and kubatons.
  • No photo or video cameras and/or recording devices.
  • No cell phones or pagers.
  • No food or drinks.
  • You cannot bring letters, pictures, magazines, or books to an inmate.
  • Do not bring pocketbooks or handbags, toys, coloring books, etc.

*This list is not all-inclusive; other items may be deemed inappropriate by jail staff.

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