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Weekender Report In Rules of Conduct

Report In Time - Regional Jail staff do not have the authority to alter the report in dates or times specified by the sentencing judge. If you arrive late, you will be accepted into the facility but the court will be notified of your failure to abide by the scheduled report in time. The court will also be notified if you fail to report at all.

Weekender (Non-Consecutive Sentence) Jail - Individuals serving weekend or non-consecutive sentences must pay a mandatory $8.00 fee for each day served in the Regional Jail. Please contact the Regional Jail’s Records Department at (757) 820-3917 to determine the amount you need to pay and to make payment arrangements. The Non-Consecutive Jail Fee may be paid in full or in partial payments but must be consistent with the agreement reached between you and the jail. If payment is not received as agreed, your sentence will be converted to straight time and/or you will be served with a show cause for contempt of court. Only money orders or cashier’s checks made payable to (your name) will be accepted.

Picture ID - You must present a picture ID to be processed into the facility. If your ID was taken by the Court, ask the court to provide you with a copy of your ID to present to the jail when you report.

Use of Alcohol or Illegal Drugs - Do not consume any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs prior to your arrival. In addition to notifying the court, you will be subject to disciplinary action by the Regional Jail.

Dress Code (Weekenders / Non-Consecutive Sentences Only) - These directions only apply to individuals allowed to serve their sentence in installments.

A. All weekenders will be dressed into jail issued clothing. You will be allowed to wear one pair of white crew socks, one white crew neck t-shirt with no pockets and white briefs to be worn under the jail issued property.

B. You may bring a change of under garments, t-shirt, and socks. (These clothing items must be all white and plain. No bras with underwire, lace, bikini cut panties or thongs will be authorized.)

C. No valuables are to be brought to the Regional Jail. This includes cash, cell phones, checks, jewelry, or any other expensive personal property. No tongue rings or any other form of body-piercing jewelry are allowed.

D. You are not allowed to bring books, any other reading materials, tobacco related products or excessive property.

E. You may bring non-expired prescription drugs. The medication must be in its original container.

Sanctions - Failure to abide by these rules may result in disciplinary action taken by the Regional Jail. Sanctions may include administrative lockdown, forfeiture of good time credits or your sentence may be converted to straight time. Forfeiture of good time will result in additional non-consecutive jail fees assessed for each day of additional confinement. The sentencing judge will be notified of the disciplinary action taken and you may be subject to other sanctions.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail at (757) 820-3900 if you have any questions.
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